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What started out as an idea while visiting the Minnesota State Fair grew into a passion for the Honey Bee and the great tasting products of the hive.  Our Honey Bees work very hard to produce the greatest tasting honey and gather the beneficial pollen, we simply steal the honey for you to enjoy!

We offer "Clover Honey" which is the most popular kind of honey because of its sweetness.  We also offer "Wildflower Honey" which is slightly smoother than clover honey and a little less sweet. The last kind of honey our bees make is "Buckwheat Honey."  Buckwheat honey has a much darker color and tastes much less sweet than Clover and Wildflower honey; it is often described as "earthy" or "similar to molasses" by our customers.  All of our honey is raw honey which simply means that our honey has not been heated in order to preserve the natural enzymes, which provide greater health benefits to you and your family.  However keep in mind that honey should never be given to children under 1 1/2 years of age.

We would like to thank the many Minnesota Farmers who allow us to place the bee colonies onto their property.  Also a big thank you to our family and neighbors who work with us and share the same passion for the Honey Bees.

Enjoy our Web Site and learn about a little more about us and the benefits of Honey Bees and their honey.  The sweet Honey, Flavored Honey Sticks and our famous "Cinnamon Creamed Honey" are available on this web site.

Also check us out on Facebook.  Become a Fan of Aspen Ridge Honey Farm in order to keep up to date with all of our activities and to find out which locations around the Twin Cities we will be at throughout the year!

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