A little about who we are


Larry the Honey Man and Beekeeper

My  wife,  Arlene  and  I  have been working with honey bees for almost 20 years.  Every year we continue to be amazed by how hard each colony works and how well they work together to produce an excellent product.  When not working the bees,  you can find me at local farmers markets.  I love educating others about beekeeping and the honey bees.  A lot of people have a lot of concern about the health and survival of the honey bees and they should. However, another concern is the number of people who want to go out and work with the bees.  It is heavy,  hard work but, I believe we need more people to learn about bees and start a hobby or small business.  Besides working with the bees I love to cook, bow hunt and canoe the BWCA.


Our Wonderful Family and Friends!

When we got started in beekeeping we had terrific help from our neighbors and friends. What started as an idea picked up at the state fair turned into a small business with great support from many people.  Beekeepers like Bob Dressen and Alex Ernst taught us how to get started working bees.  The University of Minnesota bee class was a  great  starting point.  We  have  many  family  members who take  vacation  time  to  travel  to  Minnesota and help with the honey  harvest at the  end  of  the  season. They  also  help  in  the  design  and  editing  of  our  website. Our  good  friends  Brian Pfieffer and Pete Meulepas, were there to help us find locations for the bees in the early years and still do a great deal to help today.  We are blessed and very humbled by the support we receive! 

Thank you all for your support!


Arlene - the Honey Lady

I love meeting customers and sharing with them the benefits of local honey and the benefits of the beeswax products. I am allergic to the bees so I make the salves, lip balms and soaps,  leaving the bees to Larry.   Honey is a product that not only tastes great,  but is good for you. At our home we eat plenty of honey. I even wash my face with honey and get the benefits of healthier skin.  When I am not working our honey business I also have an embroidery business out of our home.   I love working all of my gardens and feeding the many birds in our neighborhood. Most of all,  thougI love spending time with our three children and our three granddaughters.